RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger
  • RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger
  • RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger
  • RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger
  • RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger

RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger

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  • FAST AND SAFE CHARGING WITH iSMART 2.0: Experience a safer and more stable charge with the iSmart 2.0 technology that detects all connected devices and provides the optimal charging output.

  • 30W & 3 USB PORTS: Recharge up to 3 tablets or smartphones at once at full speed thanks to the 3 iSmart USB ports the charger's equipped with.

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN: Enjoy a lightweight build that makes it easier than ever to carry the charger with you and never run out of power.

  • UNIVERSAL 100-240V AC INPUT: Know no limits with a 100-240V AC worldwide compatible input that'll let you charge your devices no matter where you are

  • BUILT-IN SAFEGUARDS: Benefit from a safer charge with a premium circuitry that'll prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuit.

iSmart 2.0 - Charge Faster, Charge Smarter
Explore a whole new meaning to charging your devices with the second generation of the iSmart Technology. The smart chip detects all connected devices, determines their optimal charging input, and adjusts the output accordingly for a faster and more stable charge. The charger is equipped with built-in protections to prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuit.

Power Up 3 Devices Simultaneously With The 30W Output
Fully benefit from fast charging multiple devices at once, slash waiting time to a minimum, and get more do time to get things done. Branch up to 3 tablets or 3 smartphones into the 3 iSmart 2.0 USB ports and recharge them at their maximum speed thanks to the powerful 30W output.

Compact Build For Enhanced Portability
Stop underpowering your devices with battery-saver modes and performance under-clocking tricks. Exploit your devices' full potential and simply charge them back up when the battery runs low. Bring this charger always with you without adding any weight or bulk to your purse or pockets thanks to its lightweight and compact construction that's nothing short of amazing.

Lifesaver Built-In Protections
Get yourself a smart charger for your smartphone and portable devices. All you have to do is plug it into the socket, branch up your devices, and let it do the work for you. The built-in safeguards will prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuit for a safer charging experience for both you and your devices.

What's In the Box:
1 x RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger with iSmart 2.0 Technology
1 x User Guide                

Technical Details

Model RP-PC020



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