6700mAh Portable Charger

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  • 2A Input & 2.4A Output: 2A input can save half of the time to fully charge the 6700mAh portable charger ( please use a 2A or higher output charger); 2.4A output makes it charge other devices 2X faster than other chargers. The maximum input and output for the fastest and strongest charging experience.

  • Exclusive iSmart Technology: Charge faster and smarter than others, automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device- ensuring the fastest and most efficient charge.

  • Compact body, amazing capacity: Fitting in the palm of your hand, the 6700mAh upgraded capacity can charge iPhone 6, iPhone 6s for 2.5 times, and more than one charge for large phones like 6 Plus, Note 4, etc

  • Unique Design: Made with an ergonomic design that is carefully matched with a gorgeous metal shell that will transform you into a style icon, while 4 status LEDs keep you informed of remaining capacity.

  • Safety Protection: Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion battery with over 500 battery charge cycles; short-circuit and over-current protection. This battery pack will automatic shutdown if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging.


Capacity 6700mAh
Output DC5V/2.4A
Input DC5V/2A
Weight 5.0oz
Size 3.5*1.65*0.87 inches


(4.5 Score)
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By MarcosMouro
    on 2018-04-28
  • One year later and still going strong
    (5 Score)
    By MeghanHouston
    on 2018-04-12
    Finally writing a review, but this thing is amazing! After a year it still holds a long charge, will recharge my phone from 10% and still have juice left, and it only has minimal outer wear and tear. By far one of the greatest and most used gifts I’ve given.
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By AmazonCustomer
    on 2018-04-05
    I love this brand, this is the 3rd one i bought and they all work amazing
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By deh
    on 2018-04-03
    My kid loves it
  • Perfect for my mobile device
    (5 Score)
    By AlexHerrero
    on 2018-04-02
    I can't leave home without it. Perfect for my mobile device. Small and durable. Light enough. Simply awesome.
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.
1.I received mine and there is no instructions for charging the ravpower 5200 itself. will it charge off a laptop or tower usb port? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: There is a usb cable with the product and it can be charged off a laptop or a tower sub port.
2.Is this 6700 or 5200 ?! I am little bit confused!! I Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: when I bought it was 5200. Idk if the RAVpower upgrade yet. My suggestion is you should contact directly to the seller for more details.
3.how big is it? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Approximately 3.5 inches by 1.75 inches by 1 inch. Comes with its own drawstring bag..
4.Where are the instructions for this? How do I know when it is ready to go (when it is charged) - there are four lights, no further explanations. Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: When it's fully charged it turns off automaticly. If you want to verify that or check as its charging press the button near the led lights. When fully charged you get four blue lights and less while it's charging. It's super simple and totally Automatic.
5.How many Watts would this output? And would it work with a Surface 3? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It has an output of 5v. And it will definitely not work with the surface 3 you need something with a big capacity this batter is more sufficient for smartphones and medium tablets.
6.will this chargeer work with flip phones? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It charges devices via USB port. If your phone can plug into a USB port , it will work..
7.Why doesn't it have a charging cord to connect to your phone or tablet? You have to purchase the cord seperately? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I use the cord my iPhone came with..
8.How long will the portable charger hold it's charge? I'm looking to charge it, pu it in my glove box, and pull it out when needed. Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I know the charge lasts for at least two months. I use mine regularly but have stored it between trips and still was fully charged..
9.I have a Nokia Lumia 635 will it work on this phone Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It should. It works with most if not all devices..
10.Does this charge an iPhone 6 Plus? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes.