Xtreme 23000mAh Power Bank

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  • Package includes: RAVPower Xtreme 23000mAh External Battery, 110 - 240V AC charger, Charging tips Instruction manual.

  • Ultra-high 23000mAh capacity charges an iPhones 12 times, a large-capacity phone like the Galaxy S4 7 times and tablets several.

  • 2 USB Smart Ports (3.5A MAX) to charge ALL devices at their max speed. Additional multi-voltage port (9V/12V/16V/19V/20V) for Asus, Acer & Surface tablets and more. Simultaneously charge 3 devices (4.5A max total output).

  • Stylish and slim aluminum-body ensures good heat dissipation, and the smart LCD screen accurately displays power level, charging status and voltage selection.

  • Made of high quality reliable lithium-ion polymer battery cells, more than 500 recharge cycles during the course of its life.


Capacity 23000mAh
Output 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V
Input DC 12-24V / 2A
Weight 1.3 pounds


(3.9 Score)
  • Charge your Laptop and more on the go and take it on the plane!
    (5 Score)
    By aspenmatthews
    on 2018-04-27
    You can charge your laptop as well as smaller devices (cell phone, etc) with this power bank AND you can fly with this in your carry on! It took me a long time to figure out how to charge my laptop on the go but this is it!
  • Excellent device. Has a display to show you how ...
    (5 Score)
    By Tomtex
    on 2018-04-26
    Excellent device. Has a display to show you how much power is left in the battery. Kinda large footprint but manageable. This holds a charge very well and doesn't drain when not connected to a device. Automatically detects device when plugged into usb port. Comes with wall wart, and only wish it was charged via USB.
  • Does its job as expected.
    (5 Score)
    By PetefromacrosstheRiver
    on 2018-04-21
    This is a very solid product. It handles a wide variety of voltages, and with the included adaptors (or, in some cases with purchase of additional adaptors) it will handle most electronic devices that use DC current from 3 to 20 volts. It recharges in a few hours (it is a LARGE capacity battery, compared to many competing devices), and has proved quite satisfactory in the primary application we have. (My spouse uses it to drive an electric (yarn-) spinning wheel, a "non standard" application.) It's also a standby to recharge our cell phones, if circumstances ever require. As with any electronic component, it is wise to give it a "good workout" fairly soon after receipt. My experience with electronics is that a failure, if it occurs, is most likely to happen fairly quickly. But once "early failure" is ruled out, then such components are likely to have a reasonable lifespan if given proper care.
  • Excellent battery couple with excellent customer service!
    (5 Score)
    By Jules
    on 2018-04-14
    I purchased this almost exactly three years ago. It's finally starting to show its age but it had served me extremely well and I still use it for charging my phone. When I first used this, this was enough to supply charging to my mini laptop and my phone after a full day's work/play and still had more than enough power to last for the next day. But what really sold me to this brand is their spectacular customer service. I ended up losing the ports twice over the past three years and they sent me replacements both times free of charge!
  • Lots of power, great Customer Service.
    (5 Score)
    By PaulfromCleveland
    on 2018-03-14
    This is a great product. While a little large in size, it is a huge convenience to be able to charge laptops as well as phones and tablets. RAVPower Customer Service is great as well. I lost my power cord and they replaced it without any hassle.
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.
1.What devices can RAVPower external battery support charging to?
A: Most RAVPower external batteries are universal which means it can support charging to most of the mobile devices, either with the included connector and cables or with the original cable of your device. There are exceptions of non-compatibility of RAVPower products with original charging cable of your devices, including but not limited to some specific models of Blackberry, Nokia, Galaxy TAB and Google Nexus 7..
2.What is the warranty length for this product?
A: 12 Months Warranty. If you go to our website to register your products, then you can get another 6 months extended warranty..
3.RAVPower external batteries' efficiency.
A: ALL external batteries lose power due to voltage conversion and circuit resistance. Approximately 20% of RAVPower external battery’s total capacity is consumed, including power lost from circuit heat and voltage conversion within the external battery and the charging cable and your device..
4.Does it work with the new iPhone 6, plus, 5s, 5c?
A: Yes. But the Apple connector is not included. Please use your device's original cable..
5.Can I take a RAVPower external battery on board airplanes?
A: Yes. Make sure the USB adapter you take with is compatible with the voltage of your destination country. Each adapter’s voltage input is printed on its surface..
6.How can I get instruction manual if I lost my original one?
A: There's user manual in RAVPower website, you just need to visit www.ravpower.com and download the needed manual. If you have any other questions regarding how to use, you can always contact RAVPower's customer service via email..
7.How long do I need to charge the power bank?
A: It’s depending on the CAPACITY of the power bank. The larger CAPACITY, the longer charging time may required. Different charging methods may result different charging time as well. Charging with the original charger will be faster than charging with computer USB port..
8.Will it charge a MSI Laptop DC 19V/6A ? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It is more of the general question of whether the Ravpower 23000 will charge a laptop that comes with a charger rated > 4.5A (Ravpower's max output from the DC port). The theoretical answer was explained in detail by Mathleter here - http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/id-2339889/external-battery-pack-output-12v-16v-19v-20v-run-msi-gs60-ghost-notebook-19v-150-watt.html (scroll down a bit, he explained it really well). I intended to try it out with my two laptops MSI GE62 (charger 19.5V/6.15A) and Asus n56jn (charger 19V/6.32A). I used the stress test software Prime95 to push the machines to very heavy load (draws a lot of power) when needed. Both laptops behave almost the same so I won't report on them separately. Here is how Ravpower 23000 behave under the following scenarios, with AC charger disconnected and RAVpower 23000 plugged in: 1) Battery is charging + Prime95 Ravpower overload triggered (indicated by blinking Ravpower) and stopped supply electricity to laptop. (Reset Ravpower by unplugging the DC Output connector, on Ravpower side, unplugging the laptop side connector will not reset Ravpower) 2) Battery is not charging + Prime95 Ravpower overload triggered (reset as described above) 3) Battery is charging + Web browsing & other light tasks Ravpower overload triggered 4) Battery is not charging + Web browsing & other light tasks Ravpower works fine supplying power to operate laptop, but not enough power to charge battery at the same time. 5) Laptop power off Ravpower works fine charging the battery. In summary, laptops come with 6-7A charger can use Ravpower 23000 when the laptop is not drawing full power, it seems like both of the MSI & Asus draw less then 4.5A when running light tasks without battery charging. The Ravpower works when: A) When battery is not charging + light tasks (no gaming) This is scenario 4 above, MS Power Manager indicates "Plug-in, not charging". I ran light tasks for 30 mins, Ravpower's % went down, laptop battery % states the same, indicating that laptop is operating on Ravpower. How can we stop the battery from charging? Either you have to go into BIOS to set it. Or in my case, I took advantage of both of my laptops use modern power management and do not charge the batteries if they are over 90% full. I plugged in the Ravpower when the laptop battery is at around 95% level, ran light tasks and the laptop battery level stated at 95% while the Ravpower % keeps dropping. B) When laptop is turned off The MSi battery was drained down to 6% (which the laptop stopped operate), and laptop was turned off. Plugged in Davpower at full 100%. The Ravpower % started to drop. After about 3 hours, Ravpower stabled at 38%, turned on laptop and laptop battery was at 100%. Ravpower used 62% capacity and charged the MSI battery from 6% to 100% in about 3 hours. In conclusion, I am happen that Ravpower gives my laptops an extra 140-150% power, although I cannot use the laptop for heavy tasks and charge it at the same time. Ravpower 23000 is economical and light weight (relatively). If you want a perfect battery pack that you can game and charge at the same time, go for Bixpower - but prepare to carry a 3+ lb power pack and pay 2.5-3 times the price of Ravpower. For now, I am sticking with my Ravpower. Hope this review clarifies the mystery of whether Ravpower 23000 works with 4.5A+ rated laptops. P.S. Both of the MSI (19.5V/6.15A)& ASUS (19V/6.32A)chargers can also be use to charge the Ravpower 23000 (factory charger 20V/2A). Tested, works great, carry one less charger around :) .
9.Is it compatible with the surface pro 3? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: [Yes it should. The barrel connector of your adapter cord (5+ mm O.D.) plugs right into the RAV.] AMENDED answer (6-20-2015): The Surface Pro 3 charging tip is proprietary, and specific to connecting to the SP3. To use the RAV, you'll need a specialized cable, with that tip on one end, and a barrel connector on the other, which needs to be 5.5x2.5 mm. Most of the available charger cables seem to have only the 5.5x2.1 barrel connector, so you'll also need an adapter for that--namely a female 5.5x2.1 to male 5.5x2.5 adapter, to plug into the RAV output which requires the 5.5x2.5 mm dimension. Here are a few product links from Amazon--(read the comments, as there is a wide variation in the successes). Maybe order a cable from two sources. Cable: http://www.amazon.com/BMOUO-External-Charger-Charging-Microsoft/dp/B00PBGVQQU/ref=pd_sim_147_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=10HMG257MDQ7WXVZ4VA9 ($9.99) Cable: http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Charging-Charger-Microsoft-Surface/dp/B00O6UCGS4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 ($9.99) Barrel Plug Converter 5.5x2.1 to 5.5x2.5: http://www.amazon.com/Barrel-Converter-2-1mm-5-5mm-2-5mm/dp/B009AZSN14/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434810261&sr=8-1&keywords=DC+Power+5.5mm+x+2.1mm+female+to+5.5mm+x+2.5mm+male+Converter+Plug ($6.99) Barrel Plug Converter Assortment (28) all with female jacks of 5.5x2.1: http://www.amazon.com/Vktech-Universal-5-5x2-1mm-Adapter-Notebook/dp/B00CMMO6AE/ref=pd_bxgy_147_text_y ($9.92) I checked the Microsoft website for a comparable OEM cable, but found none. Hope this clarifies, and helps. David .
10.Will this work with Apple MacBook? What kind of cable is used for the DC output? Does this one work? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JQ5F0ZU Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JQ5F0ZU/ref=gno_cart_title_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1AV170X3O76HS.
11.I want to know what the difference between RAVPower Xtreme 23000mAh and Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000mAh Monster Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Just to get to the point, but the ravpower. Here's why, most external battery companies buy there batteries from companies in china that mass produce them and customize them for the company that they are selling too, if you look at both chargers, its clear that they're the exact same but customized a little. Now taking this into account, a lot of battery company's can put false info about the mah of the battery (the capacity of it) judging from both chargers being the same, they should have the same mah. But they dont, the poweradd one has a considerably higher capacity (so they say) trust ravpower, since they advertise a lower capacity, they're most likely being honest about it. The ravpower charger is a great charger, it has a huge capacity (23000 mah sounds accurate for it) now since poweradd is most likely the same charger, im sure it would be just as great, but it's advertised as a higher capacity and therefore costs more. So overall, i would purchase the ravpower charger (23000 mah is plenty for any purpose) .
12.Will this work with Yoga 3 pro? It said 20V output which is the same as yoga 3 pro required Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I briefly used it with a yoga 3. But I had to improvise the power tip. The power connecter on a yoga 3 is not like Thinkpad. Maybe someone else knows if they have the new yoga type power tip? I made mine by cutting up an old ThinkPad charger cable and using a ThinkPad to yoga 3/2 power tip adapter. In the end, I found the yoga 3 keyboard difficult, and there was something wrong with my screen. I returned it for a yoga 14 thinkpad. The yoga 3 was nice for kthe week I used it, but I tested this battery to charge it only once. .
13.Can you bring this on a plane? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes, I had it in my carry on, without incident..
14.What voltage do i set it for a macbook pro Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: For my 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro and my 13 inch MacBook Air, I set it to 20v, as none of the other voltages were detected by the laptop..
15.I just received this: the display stays lit constantly, and I've haven't been able to turn it off. The connector doesn't fit my dell, so ... return? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Do you have anything plugged into the device? The screen should stay on as long as there are any cables plugged into it. Also, you should be able to look up the dimensions of the connector tip that fits your laptop online. You should be able to buy these for pretty cheap..
16.Does the output voltage automatically adjust to the input voltage required by the device you are charging? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Both USB ports are 5V, one at 1.0 A for iPods and phone, e.g., and one at 2.5 A, for tablets, e.g. The DC port output is variable, at 9, 12, 16, 19, and 21 Volts. Select whichever your notebook requires. If it falls between two #'s, choose the higher. The manual has good documentation..
17.I charged it twice, now nothing! it will not charge. Any reason for this? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Telling you how well my device works will not help you. . Assuming you are using the right port..which should be left of the digital Indicator.. it must be defective..