Power Banks RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger 22000mAh 5.8A Output 3-Port Battery Pack (2.4A Input, iSmart 2.0 USB Ports, Li-polymer Battery Banks) Portable Battery Charger For Smartphone Tablet – Black

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  • Highest Output for 3 Devices Pocket Juice: 3 USB ports for a total current output of 5.8A (2.4A max per port). The Power Bank can charge two iPads and one iPhone 6s at once at their optimal charging speed with the iSmart 2.0 technology. (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge)

  • Power Efficient Battery: Invest in a high-density Li-polymer portable usb charger that retains 70-80% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles. It's the daily choice of Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei, and Motorola.

  • New & Improved iSmart 2.0: The new and improved iSmart 2.0 adjusts current and voltage to minimize charging time. Whereas, Panasonic Smart IC frequency technology provides a safer and higher current conversion of this portable charger.

  • Excellent Quality In & Out: On the outside, a UL94 V-0 fire-resistant shell used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others for their luxury cars. On the inside, the same battery and the same quality control as the iPhone. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: RAVPower Ace Series 22000mAh External Battery Pack, Micro-USB Charging Cables (X2), Carry Pouch, User Guide and Lifetime Warranty Card.

  • Weeklong 22000mAh Portable Charger for Phones: Charge your iPhone 7 about 8 times, iPhone 7 plus over 5 times, iPhone 6s up to 9 times, a Galaxy S7 up to 5 times, or an iPad Mini more than 3 times with a massive 22000mAh capacity. Save up to 60% of charging time thanks to its 5V / 2.4A input.

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Color Selection Black Black, White Black Black, White Black, White Black, White, Pink
Other Feature iSmart Three USB output & 5.5A Highest Output iSmart 2.0 Three USB output & 5.8A Highest Output QC 3.0 Technology; USB-C/Type-C Port iSmart 2.0, dual usb output, LED flashlight iSmart 2.0 dual USB output iSmart 2.0 USB output
No. of iPhone 6 Charges 10 8 7.5 6.2 4.6 2.3
No. of iPad Air Charges 2 1.5 1.4 1.1 0.95 0.48
No. of USB Charging Ports 3 3 3 2 2 1
Max Charging Speed 5.5 Amps 5.8 Amps USB Output: 5V / 2.4A Max Type-C Output: 5V / 3A Max QC 3.0 Output: 5V / 2.4A, 6.5V~9V / 1.5A, 9V~12V / 1.2A Max 4.5 Amps 3.4 Amps 2.4 Amps
Max Input 2A 2.4A (Micro): 5V - 12V 2A Max (QC 3.0), 5V / 2A (Non-QC); (Type-C): 5V / 3A Max 2A 2A 2A
Size 6.81 x 0.87 x 3.19 inch 6.50 x 2.76 x 0.94 inch 6.81 * 0.87 * 3.19 inch 5.00 x 0.88 x 3.20 inch 5.12 x 0.94 x 2.20 inch 3.54 x 0.98 x 1.57 inch
Recharging Time via 2A Charger 14 - 15 hrs 12 - 13 hrs 11 - 12 hrs 9 - 10 hrs 6 - 7 hrs 3 - 4 hrs
Warranty 18 + 12(After register) 18+ Lifetime Warranty(after register) 18+ Lifetime Warranty(after register) 18 + 12(After register) 18+ Lifetime Warranty(after register) 18 + 12 (After register)

Technical Details

Model RP-PB052
Capacity 22000mAh
Output 5.8A(total)
Input 2.4A
Weight 14.4 ounces
Size 6.5 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches



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Due to the huge capacity, it takes longer time if un-appropriated ac charger and cables have been used. Normally it takes about 23-24 hours to be fully recharged via 1A charger, about 11-12 hours via 2.4A charger. So we suggest you choose 2A or 2.4A charger to recharge it.

If all the 4 LED start to blink,It is because the Self - Protection mode has been turned on both USB input and output are disabled. To restore functionality, disconnect all connections and wait 10 seconds, then charge the product. If problem remains, please kindly reply us with your order number and current address so we can exchange a new one for you once after it is confirmed defective.

It can’t be electronic sparking as it has not even been connected. After confirmation with our engineer, due to the tight connection between the usb cable and usb port of the battery pack, it makes clicks sounds. However it would be better protection for the battery pack. Normally as long as it can be recharged and charge carefully, there is no problem.



Can you charge the power bank while the power bank is charging another device? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: As others have said, yes, you can do this. But if you are running another device, and you then attach the plug to charge the power bank, the device output will switch off. You can restart it by pressing the button, but this means you cannot use the power bank as an uninterruptible 5V supply. Maybe this doesn't matter for most users, but it caught me out.



Is there any problems with airport security or will I have to leave it at home Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: There's no airport/airplane restriction on these batteries! I've flown with them countless times, internationally and domestically.



It flashes 4 blinking lights constantly while charging overnight, no change. It will not charge my iphone 6 or android tablet. Defective? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I guess so



Will this charge devices that use Qualcomm's fast charging 2.0 and 3.0? (ex : lg v10) Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It will but it won't fast charge them. Although RAVPower make others that have the fast charge capability. Hope that helps.



Has anyone used this successfully for more than 2 months? If so, does it still do 6-7 charges w/o recharging? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I've had mine for over a year, in constant use. It works great.



What is the weight of the battery pack? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It shows in the chart that it is 14.35 ounces.



Can this be carried on a plane? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: 8/25 edit: I received the actual product. The specification doc included lists the Wh as 83.6 Wh, which is under the 100 Wh "large battery" specification. Not sure how they came to 83.6 (22 Ah * 3.8 V somehow?) but that'd be something to show anyone that wants to throw away your battery. I'm now convinced this is absolutely not a problem to transport. ---- OLD 8/21/16 answer: I was curious about this as well. I am not a TSA/FAA consultant, expert, or employee so your real-world experience may differ. TL;DR: It is likely that yes, you can take up to 2 of these batteries in your carry-on baggage but it can depend on the airline you are traveling with. You cannot put any number of these in your checked baggage. The WH of this device is 110 WH (22 amp hours * 5 V). Batteries over 100 WH are considered "large" by the DOT/FAA/TSA: "Larger Lithium Ion Batteries exceed a watt-hour rating of 100 watt-hour but do not exceed 160 watt-hour. Some very large after-market laptop computer batteries, and some batteries used for professional audio-visual application, fall within this definition. Approval of the operator is required." http://phmsa.dot.gov/safetravel/definitions#lithium_ion http://blog.tsa.gov/2013/06/travel-tips-tuesday-safely-packing.html https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety/more_info/?hazmat=7 This means you may carry up to 2 of these in your carry-on baggage as long as the airline approves of them. Check your airline's website for details. The only thing I would be slightly concerned about is the equivalent lithium content. 25 grams is the max. If I understand correctly, the manufacturer is required to note a content of 25g+ on the item's packaging. Since the 110 WH is under the 160 WH limit and there doesn't seem to be any notes to this effect, I'm going to go ahead and assume this item is okay unless otherwise corrected.



Not charging devices. when i press the power on 3 and then 4 led blink. when i connect the charger continuously blink 4 led. is it fault? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Probably it is, I needed to push the button every time, because the power bank stopped to charge by itself. I suggest you to report the failure to Amazon or RAVPower, your device is not working accordingly too, they changed my one to a brand new.



The lights on my battery are now flashing rapidly when charging. It used to not do this. Is this normal? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: While charging, the first battery indicator starts blinking when the power bank is being charged. When the battery level reaches 25%, the first indicator becomes solid and the second starts blinking. The pattern repeats until all indicators become solid and the device is fully charged.



36 hours and all four lights are blinking. not a single one stable. anything wrong? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: When mine is being charged, only one light blinking at a time. Starting with the light to the far right. As each cell is fully charged the next light in line begins to blink. When fully charged all 4 lights are solid. Are plugging the RAVPower unit into a wall charger, a laptop or a desktop PC. It could be whatever your are plugging into doesn't quite have enough output power to fully charge the RAVPower unit. Another possibility is, the RAVPower itself could be bad. I purchased a RAVPower 30W Dual USB Turbo Wall Charger and if I plug the the portable charger in as I go to bed it is fully charged by morning.