1. Validity Time: This activity is valid 11.19-12.01 US Eastern Time. The time of buying products and posting your order on social media should both be in the validity time.

2. Check Out: Buy products on our RAVPower official website with the Black Friday 30% OFF code“blackfriday30%”.

3. Save Your Order: After placing your order successfully on the official site, you have to screenshot your complete order including order number. (PS: You don’t need to show your personal information like name or shipping address on this picture).

4. Share Your Order: Share this order picture on social media with the caption “Share your order & Get your money back!Save 30% on my #ravpowerblackfriday order using the code 【blackfriday30%】, @[tag one friend], take a look at”
You could choose 1 of 2 ways, the caption is the same.
① Facebook Group: Join RAVPower Official Group and share your order post in this group.
② Twitter: Tweet directly your order post on your account

5. Picking Winners: We will pick 4 participants, 2 random winners with an odd last digit in their order number and 2 with an even last digit. The announcement will be published before Dec10th on our social media platform.

6. Receive a Refund: After picking the winners at random, the order information needs to be verified. After all the information is confirmed, the refund will be made directly through the official website in one week after the winners announcement. (the sum refunded is the total after the applied 30% discount.)




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