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VATID 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit,Portable Solar Charger

Model: GB-SP001
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  • Durable ETFE Material】:The high-quality ETFE material of the outer layer can effectively improve the lifespan of the product, protect the solar charger and make it more durable. ETFE has better light transmittance, with self-cleaning, water-proof, dust-proof and anti-scratch. One-piece lamination technology makes the solar panel more sturdy.
  • High Conversion Efficiency】:Vatid SP001 is a 120W solar panel.Built in high-efficency monocrystalline solar cells, the solar panle has a high conversion rate up to 23%, convert more solar power into useful energy,which can effectively improve charging efficiency and save charging time when you are in a hurry.
  • Widely Compatible & Versatile】:Covered with a variety of connectors, including 10 to 1 DC Connector , XT60 to DC5521 Transmission Cable ,DC5521 Extension Cable ,XT30 Parallel Connection Cable, which compatible with most power stations on the market. Type-C and USB QC 3.0 ports provide more options for charging multiple devices.
  • Adujustable Kickstand Design】:There are 2 adjustable brackets on the back of the solar panel, and 3 optional angles make it possible for the solar cells to absorb more energy.Slightly adjust the angle with the kickstand, can get 25% more sunlight than flat laying. The triangle formed by the bracket can be firmly supported, and the humanized design makes the solar panel easier to move around.
  • Portable & Foldable】:Vatid portable solar panel 120w is foldable design with a handle and briefcase storage, easy to carry it wherever you want to go.Light and compact when folded, saving space in your RV or at home. It is the ideal choice to recharge your Vatid power station on-the-go with Vatid 120w solar panel.

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Product Description

portable solar panel solar panel for portable power station VATID solar panel



  • Solar Panel Wattage : 120W
  • Cell Effciency: 23%
  • Battery Type:Monocrystalline
  • Open Circuit Voltage: DC/XT60 24V / USB (6V,10.8V,14.4V)
  • Short Circuit Current:DC/XT60 7.3A / USB (3.3A,2.1A,1.65A)
  • QC3.0 USB Port :5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • Type-C Port:5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • DC5521 Output (Max):18V/6.66A
  • XT60 Output (Max): 18V/6.66A
  • Folded dimension:22.4*18.5*1.18 inch
  • Unfolded dimension:65*22.4*0.12 inch
  • Weight:6kg/13.2lbs


portable solar panel solar panel for portable power station vatid solar panel
vatid solar panel portable soalr panel solar panel for portable power station



  • Q : Can VATID GB-SP001 be interconnected?
  • A : Yes, the VATID GB-SP001 can be realized parallel connection by XT30 connectors with matched cables and get max power up to 240W. But it can be only parallelly connected with the other GB-SP001, but not the unit of other brands or model.
  • Q : Is the VATID GB-SP001 waterproof?
  • A: The product is IPX4 waterproof and can prevent small amounts of daily splashing. But please keep the unit away from moisture. Do no submerge the unit in water or operate the unit in the rain. Doing so may cause short-circuits, electric shocks, and fire.
  • Q: What should I do when the solar panel failed to be used to charge electronic equipment?
  • A: (1) Plug it again.
  • (2) After the position of the sun is confirmed, please readjust the direction.
  • (3) Please clean the surface of solar panel using soft cloth.
  • (4) It should be charged outdoors or in a well-lighted place in Sunday weather.
  • (5) Confirm the use environment or weather. The generating capacity is low in cloudy and rainy weather. The generating capacity in cloudy weather is 1/3-1/10 of that in sunny weather and the generating capacity in rainy weather is 1/5-1/20 of that in sunny weather.


solar panel portable solar panel solar panel for portable power station vatid solar panel



  • Q: What is the difference between “monocrystalline silicon” and “polycrystalline silicon” in battery type?
  • A: Monocrystalline silicon battery and polycrystalline silicon battery are produced using different methods. Generally the former has better performance and higher cost. The latter has lower cost, greater loss of crystals and poorer performance.
  • Q:Can the solar panel generate power in cloudy or rainy weather?
  • A:Yes, it can, even though it generates less power than in sunny weather. The generating capacity in cloudy weather is 1/3-1/10 of that in sunny weather and the generating capacity in rainy weather is 1/5-1/20 of that in sunny weather.
  • Q: Does the generating capacity of solar panel battery module change with mounting direction and angle?
    • A : Mounting direction should be 100% southward, 80-85% westward and westward, it should not be northward. The angle differs in different areas. The optimal angle should be 20 - 30° southward.


vatid portable solar panel solar panel solar panel for portable power station portable solar panel


  • High Quality :
  • Vatid solar panel is a well-built product.Made with upgraded laminated technology and the durable ETFE material allows extended outdoor use; the panels can last for decades,which is dependable than other materials solar panels.
  • Splashproof & Dustproof :
  • The IPX4 waterproof standard will protect the panel from water splash, but please do not soak it in the water for better protection.The ETFE material has dust-proof performance, and the ash on the solar panel can be gently wiped with a dry rag.
  • Solid & Secure :
  • Long-lasting material Over-charge protection Over-current protection Over-temperature protection


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EV Charger 600W Power Station 600W Power Station 712Wh Power Station 300W Power Station 300W Power Station
Peak Power 240W 1000W 1000W 1000W 500W 500W
How much 179.99 269.99 269.99 449.99 199.99 199.99
Capacity With Storage Bag 518Wh 518Wh 712.25Wh 296Wh 296Wh
Weight SAE J1772 standard 10.8 lb 10.8 lb 13 lb 7 lb 7 lb
Size IP67 Waterproof 7.9*5.5*8.5 inch 7.9*5.5*8.5 inch 9.0*5.7*9.3 inch 7.9*6.7*5.5 inch 7.9*6.7*5.5 inch
Phone(10Wh) adjustable charging current 47 Charges 47 Charges 64 Charges 27 Charges 27 Charges
Car Fridge(40W) scheduled charging time 12 Hrs 12 Hrs 16 Hrs 6.6 Hrs 6.6 Hrs
Drone(60Wh) level 2 EV charger 8 Charges 8 Charges 10 Charges 4 Charges 4 Charges
CPAP(40W) / 9.2 Hrs 9.2 Hrs 17 Hrs 6.6 Hrs 6.6 Hrs
Rated Power / 600W 600W 600W 300W 300W


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VATID 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit,Portable Solar Charger
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