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Our Thinnest


Great Compatibility For All Devices

Backwards compatibility across USB standards and intelligent power delivery means nearly every USB-powered device including phones, tablets, and laptops can be charged.

14mm Our Thinnest

Radically smaller in size thanks to hyper-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) components, the thinnest charger on the market is capable of providing the right charge without sacrificing efficiency or power.

2.5X Faster

Faster than generic chargers, power up 2.5x faster compared to standard 1A charging. This means smartphones get 50% battery back, while standard chargers provide a mere 20% within the first 30 minutes*.

5V/1A Standard Chargers





RAVPOWER Power Delivery



*Based on internal lab test results. Actual results may vary.

RAVPower’s 45W Ultrathin PD Charger powers almost anything quickly via USB-C in a super thin form factor.


RavPower’s 45W slimline design model really makes a huge leap forward for shrinking down power brick in a way that’s really exciting to see.



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Power Delivery Pioneer

Compatible. Fast. Compact.