3000mAh FileHub with Wi-Fi Bridge, SD Card USB Reader

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  • Convenient Storage & Backup: Transfer files between SD cards, USB drives, and your phone, tablet, or computer to free up valuable memory space.

  • SD Card USB Reader: Wirelessly access USB flash drives, hard disks, and SDHC / SDXC cards with your phone, tablet, or computer via the companion app.

  • Wireless Bridge Functionality: Creates a new, secure Wi-Fi signal by bridging an existing wireless network so you don’t have to pay for multiple networks.

  • Easy to Access & Stream Media: Free app lets you seamlessly stream your media files from the attached storage devices with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Integrated Portable Charger: Stands in as a 3000mAh 5V/1A portable charger when power is needed.


Capacity 3000
Output 1A


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  • I love to travel
    (5 Score)
    By BrianK
    on 2016-05-14
    I love to travel! When I do, I like to pack light so that I can always be mobile. I also love documenting my travels with my DSLR, usually taking around 1,000 pictures/videos a day. In the past, this meant that I had to bring along my laptop and all it's accessories, which kept me from traveling as light as I wanted to. I thought, "there has to be a better way!". Then I found the RAVPower Filehub. I received it right before a 10 day trip to Vietnam and only tested it once at home before leaving. I'll admit I was a little nervous not packing my laptop and relying solely on this new and untested device, but it worked out perfectly! All you need is a smart phone, the AirStor app, and a portable hard-drive. The Filehub has a built in battery, and even works as a portable charger! The app is simple to use, and the transfer speeds are pretty decent (30g transfer from SD card to USB 3.0 HD took about an hour). This little baby and one portable hard-drive are now all I need for my trips, making my travels even better!
  • Extremely easy to use
    (5 Score)
    By Deja
    on 2016-05-08
    My husband got an iPhone 6 a few months ago and quickly realized he did not have enough memory. This Filehub makes transferring and storing files easy. It was extremely easy to setup and the fact that you can sync it with so many devices is great and I have been able to use it too. It comes with it's own wifi so you don't have to worry about internet access when you need to transfer files. The video playback is clear and decent quality too. Because it works as a bridge he can be connected to it and our at home internet so he doesn't have to disconnect and reconnect or anything. Right now he has a 128GB SD card and has had no issues at all. This has been a really affordable solution for extra memory. He downloaded the Airstor app to use with it and it works just fine. Would definitely recommend!!!
  • Gives infinite memory to your smart phone.
    (5 Score)
    By BillDay
    on 2016-05-05
    Works very well. Great to take on vacation for transferring pictures from your smart phone to a SD card. Has enough memory to hold movies to watch on long flights. With interchangeable SD cards, has virtually unlimited memory.
  • This device is terrific!!
    (5 Score)
    By StanleyHZisk
    on 2016-05-05
    This device is terrific!!, with no ifs or buts. The software that comes with it is more or less useless, but I use the "Remote Files" app from the Apple store which works perfectly with the RAV. I can transfer files of any type back and forth between thumb drives or SD cards plugged into the RAV, and my iPad - onto the Remote Files app. From there, the "open in..." option on the iPad lets me move them to any other app, like iBooks, Pages, Music, Photos, Documents, whatever and wherever I want. A great device, I couldn't work without it!! The WiFi connection is slower than a cable connection, but it's much more direct and far easier than using iTunes on my desktop!
  • amazing customer support from Hootoo
    (5 Score)
    By MJIOM
    on 2016-05-04
    We bought the filehub and downloaded the app Filehub Plus to all of our devices and it is really fantastic. As a family of 5 it's really helpful to have all of our media in one place that we can all access individually whenever we need to. I had a problem with my mobile device and couldn't get it to work properly like all the other devices so I sent an email to Hootoo support and they had me sorted in no time. What a friendly, speedy and professional service - I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. Can't recommend highly enough!
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.
1.How to reset the filehub?
A: First, please confirm that the filehub is with enough power. Then long press the reset button for about 30 seconds. When the WiFi led flashes times, the reset is successful..
2.How can I search the internet when connecting to the "filehub-XXX"? [use it as a bridge]
A: For the App "RAV FileHub" Click the Button "Setting" on the home page of the App, and then choose the hotel WiFi shows below the " Internet Setting". For the Web After logging in to the first page by enter username" admin" without password, click "Network Setting "--"Internet" then choose the hotel WiFi .
3.How can I connect to a hidden SSID since the filehub could not be allowed to input the SSID?
A: We are sorry that you are not allowed to enter the hidden SSID. Would you like to un-hidden the SSID for the fist use, so the filehub could connect the hidden automatically as it is a default one?.
4.How can I stream movies which is not mp4 formatted on iphone/ipad?
A: To play more different format video files, we would recommend you to download other compatible apps such as such as GoodPlayer , MX PLAYER and VLC. To choose the 3rd party video player , you could long press a video file on the app "RAV Filehub", it will pop out a dialog with 3rd party app list for you to select a suitable app to accomplish this..
5. Why there is only one folders "iphone photos" showing on the App?
A: We are sorry that the filehub could only access the photos on iOS device because of the Protection policy[write/read limitation].
6.Why cannot play the movies purchased from iTunes?
A: Videos purchased from iTunes are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. So the fileHub could not play them..
7.Could the filehub support files with mac formatted?
A: Please be advised that the filehub do NOT support Mac formatted hard disk..
8.How to use PC app for Windows/Mac
A: 1.Download the PC app for Windows/Mac on the RAVpower website. 2.Turn on filehub and then connect your PC to filehub's WiFi. 3.Select "Refresh" if the Filehub doesn't show up 4.If you select "Log In" your browser will open to the "" site 5.If you select "My Storage":after selecting the filehub,enter "admin" and your SSID password that you created or default password "11111111" 6.Open computer file Explorer and then select the filehub's storage,now you can view and transfer the files from sd card or usb drive on the filehub.
9.why I can't see any from sd card or usb drive?
A: Please help us confirm as below: 1). If the connection between your cell phone and the WiFi "FileHub-XXX" is connected? 2). If the app is the latest one "rav filehub or FileHub Plus" instead of the old version "AirStor"? 3). If the format of your SD-card or USB-drive is mac formatted? Please be advised that the FileHub could only support windows/DOD file systems. However, would you like to try another SD card or USB- drive to see if it works? 4). Did you unlock sd card or select write-protection to sd card? If still the same, please contact us via support..
10.why I can't log in App/Browser (user interface)?
A: At first, you need to connect your device to wifi of filehub via setting (password is "11111111") And then, log in user interface (via browser)or App. username:admin password:(leave it blank) If still not work, please reset filehub with a needle-like thing by long pressing for 15 to 30 seconds, and then restart and do as mentioned..
11.Why you couldn't find the latest version of firmware in site?
A: The reason why we deleted the part of firmware, is that some customers can‘t help upgrading their unit mistakenly and then so many customer's device have broken down within upgrading by mistake. Actually, our suggestion is please do not upgrade it if your filehub works well, due to some risks of breakdown within upgrading. If you’d still like to upgrade it or with other reasons, we will send you the latest firmware and instruction via support email, just contact us..
12.How to change the password of SSID/WiFi?
A: Turn on your tripmate, find the filehub's SSID (filehub-XXXX) in the wifi list of you device, access in with default password “11111111”. - open browser, enter - go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Wi-Fi &LAN -> enter your new password -> Save. - back to you device’s wifi settings, reconnect filehub’s SSID with new password. .
13.How to change the password of Broswer UI (Admin) or App?
A: 1.connect your wireless device to the filehub. 2.login 3.tap on User-> here you can change the pw..
14.Can I take photos with the iPhone 4S camera and use this to download off the iPhone to an SD card or external hard drive to free iPhone memory up? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes,the camera will capture the files on the iphone and you can move the files from Iphone to SDCard/external drive connected to the Filehub using apps like Rav Filehub or AirStor Rav Filehub creates a wifi network which you need to connect prior to transfer.
15.how do I turn on the flashlight? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Press the button twice.
16.Can I transfer files from a SD card to a USB memory stick with this device, while having no computer in between? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes. You only need a device like the iPad..
17.Want to get an external drive for my iPad and iPhone. Is RV Power wireless SD Reader a right one? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes, it's an excellent choice. It can handle up to a 128 GB SDHC card. It's very portable and pretty robust. I've had one for several months and really like it!.
18.How does it match up up with New Trent Airbender Mini? And which would you recommend? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I looked at the Trent Airbender Mini and the product looks very similar, I cannot give you a recommendation because I do not know exactly how good the Airbender is, all I can tell you is that I am very happy with the Sharkk product that I bought..
19.If i have no wifi or cellular internet conncection can I still use this device to stream movies to my iPad? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes, you can connect to the RAVPower and stream directly from your SD / USB device to your iPad..
20.What makes this a better solution than offline access to cloud-base storage? (The SD reader, charging, and wi-fi bridge capabilities notwithstanding.) Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: "Offline access to Cloud-base storage". I don't understand. If I'm offline I have no access to the cloud. Do you refer to remote storage of files in the cloud ? I used mine to perform daily downloads of video shot while on a multi week road trip by motorcycle. Majority of my videos where on a camera not a phone. I transferred video from micro SD card with finite Gigabyte storage to Terabyte storage. Reducing the amount of micro SD cards that I would have to keep track of or loose. Most places we stayed for the night did not have Wi-Fi. Uploading gigabytes of data to the cloud would have been a huge additional cost on my mobile phone data plan. The additional equipment of a tablet or laptop would be nice but when space is a premium or security questionable smaller and more economical alternatives always make sense to me. When you return home and have the access and equipment for more economical transfers, then storing data on the cloud is a good thing. .
21.Can i choose which photos from my sd camera card i want to transfer to my phone? or all of them need to be transferred? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: You can choose the photos that you want to transfer, no need to transfer all of the images..
22.can the keyboard come off Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It does not. My son broke the section that connects the keyboard in less than a week..
23.Does this have pass through charging? Meaning the phone/tablet plugged into it charges first when battery is plugged in to outlet? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes... I just got it and this is the first thing I tried. However, I think that it is largely dependant on the power source. If your charging adapter is 1.5 amps and your device draw is 1amp, I think the battery will have a slow charge. However if you use the 2amp charging port, you will be draining the battery faster than it can charge. .