RAVPower FileHub, WiFi Bridge, SD Card USB Reader, 3000mAh External Battery,White

Product Specification:
  • Model RP-WD01
  • Capacity 3000
  • Output 1A
• FileHub Instruction Manual
Read online
• Instructions for third APP
Read online
• For Windows
• For Firmware
• For Mac
• For Android/iOS


Yes, it's an excellent choice. It can handle up to a 128 GB SDHC card. It's very portable and pretty robust. I've had one for several months and really like it!
First, please confirm that the filehub is with enough power. Then long press the reset button for about 30 seconds. When the WiFi led flashes times, the reset is successful.
For the App "RAV FileHub" Click the Button "Setting" on the home page of the App, and then choose the hotel WiFi shows below the " Internet Setting". For the Web After logging in to the first page by enter username" admin" without password, click "Network Setting "--"Internet" then choose the hotel WiFi
You use either the browser interface or the RAV Filehub app for IOS or Android and it allows you to copy from sdcard to your usb flashdrive or hard drive (or visa versa). The copy happens directly in the device without going through your computer and it appears to be much faster than copying up to your computer.
We are sorry that you are not allowed to enter the hidden SSID. Would you like to un-hidden the SSID for the fist use, so the filehub could connect the hidden automatically as it is a default one?
Yes, you can connect to the RAVPower and stream directly from your SD / USB device to your iPad.
To play more different format video files, we would recommend you to download other compatible apps such as such as GoodPlayer , MX PLAYER and VLC. To choose the 3rd party video player , you could long press a video file on the app "RAV Filehub", it will pop out a dialog with 3rd party app list for you to select a suitable app to accomplish this.
We are sorry that the filehub could only access the photos on iOS device because of the Protection policy[write/read limitation]
Videos purchased from iTunes are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. So the fileHub could not play them.
Please be advised that the filehub do NOT support Mac formatted hard disk.
1.Download the PC app for Windows/Mac on the RAVpower website. 2.Turn on filehub and then connect your PC to filehub's WiFi. 3.Select "Refresh" if the Filehub doesn't show up 4.If you select "Log In" your browser will open to the "" site 5.If you select "My Storage":after selecting the filehub,enter "admin" and your SSID password that you created or default password "11111111" 6.Open computer file Explorer and then select the filehub's storage,now you can view and transfer the files from sd card or usb drive on the filehub
Please help us confirm as below: 1). If the connection between your cell phone and the WiFi "FileHub-XXX" is connected? 2). If the app is the latest one "rav filehub or FileHub Plus" instead of the old version "AirStor"? 3). If the format of your SD-card or USB-drive is mac formatted? Please be advised that the FileHub could only support windows/DOD file systems. However, would you like to try another SD card or USB- drive to see if it works? 4). Did you unlock sd card or select write-protection to sd card? If still the same, please contact us via support.
At first, you need to connect your device to wifi of filehub via setting (password is "11111111") And then, log in user interface (via browser)or App. username:admin password:(leave it blank) If still not work, please reset filehub with a needle-like thing by long pressing for 15 to 30 seconds, and then restart and do as mentioned.