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Media Comments

But if you have an iPhone with MagSafe (a description that includes all the models in the iPhone 12 lineup) and want to take advantage of the magnetic-charging feature, which lets you use your phone while it’s charging, we recommend RAVPower's Magnetic Wireless Charger (RP-WC012). It magnetically attaches just like Apple's far more expensive MagSafe Charger does, and despite its low price it comes bundled with a 20 W USB-C wall adapter—an additional purchase if you opt for the MagSafe Charger instead.

The moment you unbox this thing, you will be charging your iPhone up at full 15W speeds. And just like Apple's own first-party solution, this one attaches magnetically on the back of your device for a solid connection. As you'd expect, this charger works through compatible MagSafe cases and can be used to charge other devices as well such as AirPods with Wireless Charging Case.

RAVPower has some of the best prices for power banks on the market, especially considering the high build quality and the 30,000mAh capacity of this model. And that's while including a 5Amp-capable cable in the box so that you get top speeds instead of whatever your older, slower cable might've allowed…even with that heightened capacity and faster charging speeds, it's still about the same size as many 20-25,000mAh portable chargers.

If you want lots of power, the RAVPower 30W 2-Port Fast Charger is a great option. Not only is the 30W USB-C port more than enough juice to quickly charge your iPhone 12, but the 18W USB-A port is plenty of power to charge other devices you may have!

RAVPower throws in a 20W USB-C power adapter in the box. It's small, too — the same size as Apple's 5W adapter. Meanwhile, the charging puck itself features MagSafe so it will properly align with your iPhone 12 model to provide the best possible wireless charging experience. You can charge with a MagSafe case attached to your phone, too.