Stay Powered

RAVPower, a flagship brand under the Sunvalley Group, has come a long way from its humble origins. Beginning as a manufacturer of laptop and cell phone batteries, RAVPower soon diversified their lineup to encompass power banks, car chargers, wall chargers and more. RAVPower rapidly established itself in the charging arena as an innovator – creating products that offer convenience, usability and value to customers.


In 2011, RAVPower was founded on the desire to create a myriad of charging tools – including power banks, car chargers, wall chargers, wireless chargers and replacement batteries. Our products have accumulated a plethora of accolades, from red dot prizes as well as the adoration of customers from across the globe.


We have always employed careful strategies throughout all of our design and manufacturing for the best quality possible. We listen to our customers and consistently prioritize their needs.


RAVPower wasn't established to make quick money – it was about striving forward with technological innovations, turning these new discoveries into tools that would truly benefit our customers. Making you cool is the coolest thing we’d like to make.