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    RAVPower RP-WD01 Wireless Filehub / Media Drive(Black)

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    • Model RP-WD01
    • Capacity 3000
    • Output 1A
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As the leader in Portable Power Solutions, RAVPower® strives to offer every customer with the most reliable power products, affordable prices, and the services that you value from a trusted brand. That is the RAVPower Promise!
What it does
The RAVPower Filehub lets you transfer photos, music or files between iOS devices and an SD Card or a USB HDD. You can also move files between the SD card and an attached USB drive. The RAVPower streams music, or video. The small unit has a 3000 mAh battery for charging smartphones, and using its NAS file server, you can connect multiple devices like a laptop, iPhone, iPad or desktop machine all at the same time!
The FileHub is extremely lightweight, small with sleek rounded. On the top it has four LEDs providing information on the device's status including battery level, WiFi signal, Internet pass through & disk activity. On one side you have the power button and a micro USB port for charging or for connecting the FileHub as a card/USB reader to a computer. On the end you have the SD card slot and full sized USB port. The SD slot supports SD, SDHC & SDXC cards.
Computers, tablets, smartphones, GoogleTV boxes and more can all make use of the FileHub’s features.  You could carry your entire music and photo library with you – 5000 ~four minute songs or thousands of photos on one 32GB SD card.  That’s a plenty.  Use it to stream movies on long trips in the car to help keep everyone happy. 
The RAVPower Filehub is a must have item. Whenever your phone’s memory is full, simply insert an SD card on the Filehub and transform it into a compact wireless hard drive with enough juice to run for over 5 hours. Ditch those USB cables for something a bit more refined and versatile like Wireless Technology! The RAVPower FileHub is definitely worth the price. 
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