10400mAh Wireless Portable Charger

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  • 7.5W Fast Charging for iPhone: 50% faster wireless charging for iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8 with iOS 11.2 or later than traditional 3.5W – 5W chargers (Note: Testing under 71.6 °F / 22 °C - results may vary when temperature increases)

  • 10W Fast Charging for Samsung: Power your compatible Samsung device, like the Galaxy S8 in as little as 3.85 hours (Note: Wireless charging stops working at 0% battery)

  • Works with Any Qi Devices: Widely compatible with iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8, and Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8; non-Qi enabled phones will require a Qi wireless charging cover to power up

  • Power Up 2 Devices Simultaneously: 10400mAh capacity charges 2 devices at once, thanks to a wireless charging top surface and a USB port; charge an iPhone X for 2.7 times via usb port or 1.8 times via the wireless charger

  • 2x Faster Recharge: RAVPower wireless battery pack recharges twice as fast in 6 hours with a 2A / 2.4A AC charger



(3.5 Score)
  • nice
    (5 Score)
    By AvaYann
    on 2018-03-16
    This is my second wireless charging product from RavPower. Have used it for couple of weeks. No issues found so far. No noise or any heat issue which is great. And it combines power bank and wireless charging. 2 in 1 ! Would recommend to friends .
  • Convenient Charging!
    (5 Score)
    By Froghair
    on 2018-03-12
    Convenient, fast charging. I can throw it in my pocketbook, backpack - do not have to keep up with cables. Works great with my Galaxy Note8. You do need to check to make sure it is charging when you first put your phone on it, sometimes I do have to push the "on" switch. I highly recommend.
  • Theres a bit of a issue when using the product, sometime it doesn't work.
    (5 Score)
    By Chris
    on 2018-03-10
    Theres a bit of a issue when using the product, sometime it doesn't work. Update: Replacement fixed the problem! A1 customer service!
  • Better than CVIDA
    (5 Score)
    By JohnWilliamArcher
    on 2018-03-08
    I had CVIDA 10000mAh Wireless Power which now wireless charger stopped working. I have this battery which wireless charger working fine.
  • Perfect!
    (5 Score)
    By RegisHaegler
    on 2018-03-08
    I waited for my favorite charger company, RAVPower, to come up with a Qi battery. This charger is perfect for iPhone X. It is very convenient to charge without cables at restaurants or while traveling. You do need to push button once to activate it but then you can take your phone on and off for a while without pushing the button again, which is very convenient (and I guess the safe way to do things / I wouldn't want the Qi pad to always be on when in my bag). An extra USB port also works well to charge accessories with cables.
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
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1.Does the wireless charging support Apple Watch? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: That I don't know. We have androids and Samsung watch..
2.can it be plugged to charge itself while charging a wireless device? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: No, you you can't charging a wireless device while it is plugged to charge itself. It will lead overheating. Hope you understand..
3.Does it work with iPhone 6 & 6s? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: yes, it can be recharged via the normal usb port. but can't through wireless charger cause there is no wireless technology included in the iPhone 6 & 6S..
4.Will it charge the iPhone 6plus? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It will but not wirelessly.. the normal is RAVPower iSmart usb output.