Ace 22000mAh Portable Charger

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  • TRIPLE iSMART 2.0 USB: Three USB ports for a total current output of 5.8A and 2.4A max per port - one of the highest on the market. Simultaneously charge two iPads and one iPhone 6s at their optimal charging speed thanks to iSmart 2.0 technology.

  • WEEKLONG 22000mAh: Fully charge your iPhone 6s up to 9 times, a Galaxy S7 up to 5 times, or an iPad Mini more than 2 times with the device's massive 22000mAh power capacity and keep your devices away from a power socket for a whole week. Charge it back up in just 10-11 hours with its 5V / 2.4A input - one of the fastest on the market.

  • LONG-LASTING EFFICIENCY: Invest in a high-density Li-polymer battery that retains up to 70-80% of its full capacity after 500 charge-discharge cycles, providing 7-10% more power than conventional batteries. Safer and better performing than the ordinary 18650 cells, it's the daily choice of Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei, and Motorola for their own devices.

  • SMART & SAFE: The new and improved iSmart 2.0 charging technology ( a combo of Smart current, Smart Voltage, Smart Distribution, and Smart Protection mechanisms) automatically adjusts current and voltage to minimize charging time and maximize performance. Whereas, Panasonic home-made Smart IC frequency technology provides a safer, more stable, and higher current conversion.

  • FIRE-RESISTANT: On the outside, the same material used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others for their luxury cars - UL94 V-0 fire-resistant thermoplastic alloy (PC/ABS) shell provided by Germany-based Bayer Technology Services. On the inside, an advanced battery coming from the same manufacturer and undergoing the same quality control as the iPhone's battery. Choose the best - choose RAVPower.


Capacity 22000mAh
Output 5.8A(total)
Input 2.4A
Weight 14.4 ounces
Size 6.5 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches


(4.3 Score)
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By APrasad
    on 2018-04-20
    Worked great, saved me on long international flights.
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By Jackal
    on 2018-04-19
    Will charge 4 phones on a charge.
  • Works well
    (5 Score)
    By Mark
    on 2018-04-19
    These are awesome, held a charge well and charged all of our devices while we were sailing.
  • Awesome product
    (5 Score)
    By DavidQuintanilla
    on 2018-04-18
    Awesome design, and works way better than expected. I was surprised to find out they even include lifetime warranty. Definitely recommend
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By AmazonCustomer
    on 2018-04-18
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.
1.Where can we left a review?
A: Log in your Amazon account firstly and share your great experience via the link:
2.I have recharged it for long time over 24 hours and it can't be fully recharged,why?
A: Due to the huge capacity, it takes longer time if un-appropriated ac charger and cables have been used. Normally it takes about 23-24 hours to be fully recharged via 1A charger, about 11-12 hours via 2.4A charger. So we suggest you choose 2A or 2.4A charger to recharge it..
3.Why all the 4 LED started to blink and it can't be recharged?
A: If all the 4 LED start to blink,It is because the Self - Protection mode has been turned on both USB input and output are disabled. To restore functionality, disconnect all connections and wait 10 seconds, then charge the product. If problem remains, please kindly reply us with your order number and current address so we can exchange a new one for you once after it is confirmed defective..
4.When I plug in cables to charge, there is a cracking sound which sounds like it could be sparking inside the socket. The same sound comes from all three sockets. Is this normal/expected or should I return the item as faulty?
A: It can’t be electronic sparking as it has not even been connected. After confirmation with our engineer, due to the tight connection between the usb cable and usb port of the battery pack, it makes clicks sounds. However it would be better protection for the battery pack. Normally as long as it can be recharged and charge carefully, there is no problem..
5.Can you charge the power bank while the power bank is charging another device? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes, you can recharge the power bank while it is charging another device simultaneously. However we don't suggest you always do this as it will reduce the battery lifespan of both the power bank and your device..
6.Is there any problems with airport security or will I have to leave it at home Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: i work for the airlines and YES there is a SLIGHT issue with these batteries. Lithium batterues ARE NOT allowed in CHECKED baggage. Which means you have to carry it either on person or in your carry-on bag. Li-ion batteries are not allowed in the baggage hold due to how many times lithium batteries have spontaneously burst into flames. Remeber all those samsung phones that blew up on board aircraft shooting foot high flames from it while the plane was in the air. If this happens in the cabin it can be controlled and put out, if it happens in the cargo/baggage hold then you're in trouble. In the 80's-90's there was a plane that crashed in the everglades i believe and it was caused by lithium batteries bursting intoflame in the baggage hold. So its a federall/FAA offense to check lithium batteries, yet for some reason laptops and cell phones ar excempt from this, external portable batteries ARE NOT. So to follow the law and if you don't want the theoreticalpossibility of anyting happen to your flight then carry it wih you into the cbin. .
7.It flashes 4 blinking lights constantly while charging overnight, no change. It will not charge my iphone 6 or android tablet. Defective? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: If all the 4 LED start to blink,It is because the Self - Protection mode has been turned on, both USB input and output are disabled. To restore functionality, disconnect all connections and wait 10 seconds, then charge the product. If problem remains, please kindly reply us with your order number and current address via so we can exchange a new one. .
8.Has anyone used this successfully for more than 2 months? If so, does it still do 6-7 charges w/o recharging? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I got this one back in January, I tend to use it ALOT! Not only used on all my devices (Samsung line), but also on friends and family with anything from Google Pixel to Brand new iPhone X, to iPad Air 2, to Bluetooth devices needing a quick jump temporarily. Honestly, I'm extremely rough on electronics in regards to pushing them to the stated limits. Pretty careful when it comes to accidental damage, but this had been dropped twice because of it being in my pocket or on a table while outside so I don't lose power and forgetting it's there. Doesn't heat up much except for when charging, mainly because it has to charge so long. Not an issue though because it needs to so it can hold enough power to charge everything again. I've run it all the way down to zero and then charged as well as here and there charging. Still holds true to what it can do. Main thing is run anything with a battery all the way down before charging it to get the max out of any new battery. It is a bit heavy, but again, that has to be for the amount it stores. Definitely a fan, especially since it's an electronic accessory that's sold on Amazon, that's not a knock-off. Good luck with yours. .
9.Will this charge devices that use Qualcomm's fast charging 2.0 and 3.0? (ex : lg v10) Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It will but it won't fast charge them. Although RAVPower make others that have the fast charge capability. Hope that helps..
10.What is the weight of the battery pack? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It shows in the chart that it is 14.35 ounces.. ravpower charges slowly or not at all Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Make sure you use the charging cable it come with because that cable can handle fast charge, ie. 2.1 amps. That could be the reason why it charges slow. Keep in mind it is a big battery that will require a little over 10hrs from zero to full charge if using a adapter that outputs 2.1 amps. I use my charger from my galaxy s7 with no problems. If you plug it in and nothing happens, try pressing the power button on battery to reset the charging. .
12.Can this be carried on a plane? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: 8/25 edit: I received the actual product. The specification doc included lists the Wh as 83.6 Wh, which is under the 100 Wh "large battery" specification. Not sure how they came to 83.6 (22 Ah * 3.8 V somehow?) but that'd be something to show anyone that wants to throw away your battery. I'm now convinced this is absolutely not a problem to transport. ---- OLD 8/21/16 answer: I was curious about this as well. I am not a TSA/FAA consultant, expert, or employee so your real-world experience may differ. TL;DR: It is likely that yes, you can take up to 2 of these batteries in your carry-on baggage but it can depend on the airline you are traveling with. You cannot put any number of these in your checked baggage. The WH of this device is 110 WH (22 amp hours * 5 V). Batteries over 100 WH are considered "large" by the DOT/FAA/TSA: "Larger Lithium Ion Batteries exceed a watt-hour rating of 100 watt-hour but do not exceed 160 watt-hour. Some very large after-market laptop computer batteries, and some batteries used for professional audio-visual application, fall within this definition. Approval of the operator is required." This means you may carry up to 2 of these in your carry-on baggage as long as the airline approves of them. Check your airline's website for details. The only thing I would be slightly concerned about is the equivalent lithium content. 25 grams is the max. If I understand correctly, the manufacturer is required to note a content of 25g+ on the item's packaging. Since the 110 WH is under the 160 WH limit and there doesn't seem to be any notes to this effect, I'm going to go ahead and assume this item is okay unless otherwise corrected. .
13.Can this support usb-c devices? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It only has USB type-A connectors on it, but with the right cable you can plug in USB-C devices. They'll charge, but you won't get the fastest type-C charging rates, just the type A/B rates..
14.Will the power supply charge on international 220vac? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes, the input adapter plug works on both 110 v and 220v. The power supply charges thru usb cable..