40W 8A 4-Port USB Charger

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  • 4-Port Home and Travel Charger: Combining a robust 4-port USB desktop charger and the option to use either a 5 ft. cable or a wall adapter with foldable pins, you will enjoy the freedom to assemble your own charger

  • Travel Adapter: The 5 ft. cable keeps charger on a desk and extends its distance from power outlet, while the travel adapter with foldable pins instantly turns it into a portable travel charger

  • Powerful 8A/ 40W Output: Powerful enough to charge 4 tablets simultaneously at full speed with 2.4A max output per port or 8A total current output

  • Protected and Certified: 100% safe charging with overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection. CE / FCC / RoHS Certified

  • For Optimal Use: Please don’t use third-party USB charging cables but only use OEM cables and RAVPower cables (which we have done extensive tests on)



(4.6 Score)
  • Free up those outlets
    (5 Score)
    By KPlaskocinski
    on 2018-04-28
    Works great, frees up another outlet. Between tablets and phones something is always charging, a lot off times more than one.
  • Solid
    (5 Score)
    By AmazonCustomer
    on 2018-04-27
    I love these charging stations, they are built very solidly too. they are great to have when you go on vacation.
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By AmazonCustomer
    on 2018-04-27
    solves the problem of too many things to charge at once
  • Five Stars
    (5 Score)
    By iamsaralou
    on 2018-04-24
    I love it
  • Exceeded my expectations.
    (5 Score)
    By AmazonCustomer
    on 2018-04-23
    Exceeded my expectations. My wife's S2 watch just wouldn't keep a charge for the whole day withe the original charger. When this charger was used the S2 last all day plus. Works great with all my other stuff as well. A must have in our motorhome.
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** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **
The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.
1.Why does the black model say 36W and the white model say 40W? Is that an error, or is there really a difference between the two? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Yes there really is a difference. The white one has 4 ports all of which utilize iSmart technology. Each port is able to output at up to 2.4A but not more than 8A total at one time. You can plug 4 tablets in at one time and still achieve a charging input of 2A on all four devices at one time. It will not do 2.4A on all four in this case because it maxes out at 8A no matter what.So it will break up the 4 ports into a total of 8A giving each device as close to it's max input as it can get without going over 8A total. The iSmart technology automatically detects your plugged in devices maximum input capacity and begins charging the device at that speed. So you don't have to worry about frying anything out or overcharge. It also ensures the fastest possible charge time. This one is a 40W charging unit. The black one is a 36W and is also a 4 port but only 2 of those 4 ports have iSmart technology that will charge at up to 2.4 A. The other 2 ports are just standard ports that max charge at 1.2A no matter how many devices are connected or what the devices max input speed is. Standard ports are usually used for smaller capacity devices such as cell phones which have a typical input of around 1.2A give or take a little. Tablets are a good example of a device that can input at a much faster rate such as the 2.4A. These 2 standard ports also are unable to detect on their own what your devices max input is. With both models being offered at the same price as of today i would definitely go with the white because it is capable of so much more, including quickest possible charge time. Even if you know for sure all your devices require only 1.2A input max, the white will charge them at that input. However if you should acquire devices with higher input max later your charging unit will still be up to par and ready to meet the criteria. I hope this helped answer your question. Have a wonderful day!! .
2.How long is the AC power cord? Is it one single cord, or is it a 2-piece cord with a power block? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Hi, Thanks for your question. The new version's cord length is 4.9ft/1.5m..
3.How bright is the LED light on this unit? Is it suitable for use by the bed? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I think the led light is dim enough for use by the bed. It is very small and does not produce a lot of light,.
4.Is this able to charge any Kindle without any issues? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I've charged the following devices without issue. kindle, multiple cell phones, handheld gaming devices, and even wireless console controllers..
5.Does it have a straight or angled plug at the wall? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: The plug comes out straight from the adapter. a GOOD 1"..
6.does it fit android? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: It fits the USB end of the Android charger; the "other" end goes into the Android device, as it always does. I've used it with Android devices and it does a great job..
7.does this plug in wall to be used later to charge cell phone? i have LG. Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: No its not a storage unit.
8.Does it support usb 2.0 cables and usb 3.0 cables Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: Good news ! I just tried today using a 3.0 usb to charge a Samsung S5 from my aunt and it worked perfectly..
9.Will this safely charge a Fitbit? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: I use mine to charge a few different Fitbit devices and it has worked great..
10.it seems 2 ports are ismart & other two are not, that means other two always output 1.2A ? does the other two non-ismart ports overcharge the devices? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
A: We have not had any issues with any of our devices..