About RAVPower

RAVPower has come a long way from its humble origins. While starting as a manufacturer of laptop and cell phone batteries, RAVPower soon diversified their lineup with power banks, car chargers, wall chargers, and more. During their years of growth, RAVPower has become a leading brand in the realm of charging accessories, providing innovative products that offer convenience, usability, and value to customers.


Here is a look at some of the biggest moments in our history:

  1. August 18, 2011: This day marks RAVPower’s first Amazon order in the US.
  2. 2012: Starting with the UK, RAVPower enters the European Amazon market. Operations in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain soon followed.
  3. 2014: RAVPower quickly expands with global sales exceeding $2.5 million (USD).
  4. February 24, 2015: RAVPower registers their exclusive iSmart Smart Charging Technology which provides the optimal charge that devices need.
  5. 2015: Another stellar year sees RAVPower’s global sales reaching beyond $5.8 million (USD).
  6. June 8 2016: Improved and upgraded, iSmart 2.0 is now available in all future RAVPower products to acclaim from consumers around the world.
  7. July 2016: RAVPower’s line of car chargers enters into an offline partnership with Costco Japan.
  8. September 13, 2017: To coincide with the release of the iPhone X, RAVPower launches their industry leading 7.5W fast wireless charger to praise from tech critics in America and Europe.  
  9. September 2017: RAVPower establishes an offline sales channel with Softbank Japan to sell the new fast wireless charger.
  10. October 2017: Don Quijote chain stores begin selling RAVPower’s Triple-Protection Power Bank.
  11. January 2018: RAVPower’s global registered members exceeds 400K.
  12. February 2018: RAVPower’s fast wireless charger is upgraded with HyperAir Technology. Developed in-house, the new technology standard offers a faster and safer charging experience.