AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 85W (100W Max)

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1.Would not power up a device categorized as inductive loads with 50W rated power. As the reactive power of a device categorized as inductive loads with 50W rated power could be several times of its rated power to start. 
2.If you have any question about the usage, please contact RAVPower customer support for more information.
3.To turn ON the AC power supply, hold the power button for 8 seconds.

Compatible models:

Macbook 12-inch (29W USB-C Power Adapter)
Macbook Air 11-inch, Macbook Air 13-inch (45W MagSafe power adapter)
Macbook Pro 13-inch (61W USB-C,60W MagSafe power adapter)
Macbook Pro 15-inch (60W MagSafe,85W MagSafe, 87W USB-C Power Adapter )
Surface Pro 4,Surface Pro 3 (65W)
Dell XPS 13-inch (45W)
HP Pavilion 14 (65W)

Highest 100W AC Output = Unlimited Versatility
The 100W(Max.) AC output will take care of your mobile devices as well as of any 110V home appliance up to 70W.

Triple Type-C & USB Ports To Charge’em All 
Plug in the latest 12" MacBook and two extra devices at once thanks to the ultimate charging squad: 1 Type-C 3A output and 2 extra 2.4A USB iSmart ports to tackle all charging needs anywhere and anytime.

Air Vents To Keep It Cool
To prevent this from happening and shortening the overall lifespan of the power bank, the built-in vents activate to keep it cool throughout operation. Save even extra battery by holding the power button for 3 seconds and turning the RP-PB055 off while not in use.