Type C Cable USB C to USB A 6ft Braided Cable

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1.Superior Fabric Protection Experience all the benefits of a nylon-braided jacket to protect your aluminum cable: the cord feels premium in the hand and the nylon fabric gives it an extra layer of protection that’ll make it more durable for everyday use and last longer.

2.Comfort That Stretches All The Way Enjoy a charging cable that’s 6ft (2m) long and will let you connect your USB Type-C devices no matter where you are in the room. Stop crunching over the socket every time you get a text and reply directly from where you are without having to leave your desk. 

3.Plug-in. Unplug. Plug-in Again. If the reason you’re looking for a new cable is because your previous one broke down on you, the RAVPower nylon braided type-C cable is the best choice. The cable connector’s unibody build gives it an edge over ordinary cables with its 10,000+ insertions lifespan. 

4.Stylish & Clean Look Dark colors make you look slim…and keep your cable clean. The dark gray nylon jacket won’t turn yellowish like white cables do overtime and will keep a clean look just like when you first took it out of the box. 

This cable will not chargeNexus 5X or 6P, Moto Z Force, Huawei Mate 9, or OnePlus 3/3T at full speed.
For Nintendo Switch, this cable can work perfectly with it if there is a 30W charger with PD certification.