usb power delivery

Faster. Smarter. Safer.

USB Power Delivery is a next-generation charging technology that enables devices to enjoy faster charging and to deliver increased levels of power to operate larger devices.


70% Faster Than Regular Charging

The USB Power Delivery charges your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging*. It also provides more power to quickly charge phones, tablets, and laptops.

*70% faster than 5W charging when charging a Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% battery.

how much faster?

RAVPower Power Delivery vs Original Charging Test*

    Original Charging
    RAVPower Power Delivery Charging

iPhone X

38.62% faster

116 mins
189 mins

iPhone 8 Plus

31.87% faster

124 mins
182 mins
*Charging time tested at 71.6 °F — may vary as temperature increases.

USB Power Delivery VS Quick Charge™

Quick Charge 3.0
  • 60W
  • 70%
  • Snapdragon devices
  • Works with USB-C connectors, but it may also work with Type-A.
USB Power Delivery
  • 100W
  • 70%
  • Any devices
  • Works exclusively with Type-C, which is specifically designed for higher power delivery.
  • Max Power (Wattage)
  • Max Power (Wattage)
  • Max Power (Wattage)
  • Max Power (Wattage)

Worldwide Use

Reversible Charging for All Devices

With USB Power Delivery, power flows in either direction and can be shared between devices. This allows you to charge your friend’s phone by using your own phone.

reversible. high speed.

All devices with Power Delivery connect by means of a USB-C cable. USB-C connectors are reversible, and capable of transmitting a higher amount of power. The same cable can be used to charge your smartphone, tablet, and laptop*.

*A USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable is needed for transferring power between two smartphones; or a USB-C to Lightning cable is needed when charging your iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus.

One Charger for All Your Devices

Works with all latest devices supporting the Power Delivery protocol.

safer charging

Automatic Charging Protection

To facilitate large amounts of power, the latest USB-C is employed to safely handle the increased power requirements.

Advanced Circuitry, Improved Protection

Automatic Output Adjustment

The Power Delivery chipset automatically detects the connected device, delivering the exact power required for the fastest recharge. This also prevents any damage to the circuitry that can come with a device.

Smart Device Detection

The compatibility chipset detects the connected device’s brand. It will then behave just like the original charger supplied with the device.

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